Thursday, 2 February 2012

Art on my arm

Do you like it? I was a bit bored I french so I drew these on my wrist and on my finger. I'm not really sure if i want a tattoo but I if I'm going to get one I think it going to be something like a feather or something classy that you won't be ashamed of when you get old, grey and wrinkly. I actually really wan't a mustache on my finger I know i just wrote that I want something classy but I just think it could be so awesome to have a permanent mustache haha. I'm not really sure if I even want a tattoo, so for now it's not really an issue what it is going to be



  1. I love the tattoos they look really cool! Yeah get one! But I would not get one in colour though becasue they are not as classy I think! <3

  2. drawing would be a great alternative for tattoo since not everything in life is certain. plus, it is an art of your own <3 it's love month! my boyfriend and i blog about couples around the globe, hope you LIKE our Facebook page! ♥
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