Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I-I-I-I-India part. 1

Missed me? I know I have missed you(a bit sentimental I know) But as you probably know I have been in India these past 10 days and let me tell you it has been one of the most exiting in my life. Everything was very different from little Denmark. First of all they are 1.7 billion people while in Denmark we are only 5 million so that was something very different to be surrounded by so many people all most all the time. I have seen so many things some more pleasant there where a lot of really, really extremely poor people which I know is everywhere but it sill isn't nice to see when you can't really do anything. But if you look past that it is an absolutely beautiful country. Okay enough for now I will be following up with a new post shortly but right now I'm extremely hungry


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