Friday, 10 February 2012

New in

Hello sweetheart! I got new things (yay). I'm really happy right now because all these fabulous clothing items didn't cost me anything (again yay). The lovely earrings where a gift from one of my very good friends, and I must say I really do love them they are one of those things you can pair with everything. The skirt I have been wanting for quite some time now ever since my parents announced we were going to India (YAY) and my sweet mom got it for me, it isn't as red as it looks on the picture but more of an orange coral color really pretty. The jeans I got from my mom as well, or I didn't really get them I kind of stole them but she was going to throw them out anyway and I have been longing for a new(or old) pair of boyfriend jeans for the past year. Now, now, now what have we got here is that a pretty top or am I suddenly blind. I made myself (DIY) and all that stuff and I really liked the result so that was exiting. 



  1. Love the skirt!
    Your blog is so beautiful!

    Should we follow each other?

    Have a look!