Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Night of Urban outfitters

Hello lovelies! There where an event today at Urban outfitters and it was so amazing. When you came in trough the doors you got a goodie bag with some quite good stuff in it. As you can see on the pictures above there where a lot of very nice and useful things  the only things i bought was the shirt and the "cross" ring (both of them where on sale). The rest of the thing where things I got in the goodie bag and I am so happy right now cause I'm extremely broke right now so it's nice to get a bunch of free stuff. The also had beer and vitaminwater so that was very nice, I opted for the Vitamin water because I didn't really fell like beer when I have to wake up early next day but it was nice of them to have it. I really love the leggings I got and luckily it was actually my size so again pretty nice. I just wanted to take a minute before I go to tell you about the purple t-shirt it is so amazing. It's crazy soft, has a really cool colour and is simply quite perfect.


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