Thursday, 5 April 2012

I was in Sweden the last couple of days with a friend and it was so much fun. I know What you must be thinking, don't you go to Sweden an awful lot lately and the answer is Yes, yes I have, I think I have a country-crush. I was in my friends lovely summerhouse which was very close to a small town called Ljungby, the place was so very pretty I'm actually thinking of (crossing my fingers) winning the lottery and buying a house near by. I'm joking by the way I'm a freaking teenager and defiantly not thinking of buying any kind of estate, even though I wouldn't complain if my parent bought a house/apartment in France. Some of our good friends have a summerhouse close to my friends, so we met up in Ljungby and had an amazing time afterwards they came with us back to the summerhouse and went for a long walk where we took some of the pictures from above. It was such an amazing trip, we didn't really do anything else then sleep and eat candy(believe me I haven't eaten so much candy ever) but it was just so very cozy.


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