Saturday, 19 May 2012

More yumminess in my life

I'm loving spending money recently.... But it is okay folks I have acquired a job which means I now can afford all the clothes(all most) that I dream of buying, hurray for being independent and getting rich at the same time. After I have gotten the job I have been unhealthily addicted to coffee, which isn't good when you are a teenager bla bla bla. But it tastes delicious and caffeine is officially my new best friend. Last night some of my friends decided to get drunk and have fun(a pretty clever idea if I should say so myself) We ended up at Mcdonalds(cheeseburger menu all the way) after a long night of weirdness and having crazy fun. I also got some new stuff, the jacket was crazy-cheap so I couldn't help myself (even though all most every one in the world has this kind of jacket at the moment) And because of my tumblr addiction I also felt like I needed a cool story bro crew neck, and I love it. The foundation was a necessity as I'm running out of my old one and I feel naked without something slaped in my face. My dinner tonight was sushi(the good stuff, not just the cheap crap) which I don't get that often so I'm practically in heaven.


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