Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I dyed(finally)

This isn't really a look but more of a me showing you my awesome dip dyed/ombre hair. I can't really figure out if it is dip dye or ombre I think it's ombre because it has more of a fade but I'm not 100% positive to what I have done with it all I know is the ends of my hair now is pink. badadada I'm loving it. Really I'm so  happy about it, I know that pink is starting to be a bit mainstream and I had thought of coloring half of it lilac and then fading it to pink but the purple dye didn't show up so that was a bummer. I got the dye here, it's semi permanent so it only last about a moth or so but that is what I wanted, it would be annoying if I dyed and then didn't like it wouldn't it? btw. it has faded a bit so I will go now and color it again so the color  is stronger!

1 comment:

  1. Loving your dip dyed ombre hair ;)) So beautiful ^ ^