Friday, 13 July 2012

Like them young kids ✌

Top: H&M 
Jacket: Leather
Socks: Asos
Boots: Dr. martens
Sunglases: Tiger

I Know I haven't blogged lately, well blogger decided to take money for posting pictures if you have posted over 1 GB worth of pictures, so I was in a bit of a pickle if I should pay money to upload pictures or not. It was quite a shame cause I have had quite a lot of projects lately that I would have love to share with you guys, I'm still going to but I haven't taken the pictures yet so better get to it sooner rather then later. Next week I'm going to my summerhouse, I was there last week as well but that was with my friends and now I'm going up with my family. That means ultimate relaxation and being spoiled like you where a lone child. I also just found out last week that I'm going to Crete in Greece and I'm so excited for that, I have been there 3 times before(not the same places though) And am crazy happy about getting all tanned and eating yummy food(hopefully some shopping as well) I'm thinking about making a tan tattoo, a heat on the shoulder or something, but it's just so much freaking work having to put suntan lotion the same exact spot every time you're out and about. I have to run now literally as I'm going out and nobody can stop me from having a good time not even you guys, actually my job kind of has stopped it before it even has begun, as I have to be up and ready to function early tomorrow morning(damn you money for being so damn appealing)


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