Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Super slagger equals bad blogger

 (badass bitch, watch out or I will eat you alive)
top: ebay
shirt: episode
Shoes: vans

Well, I have been pretty m.i.a lately, which sucks. I have neglected the blog a bit to much lately. Seriously I have written 3 post the past two months(say what mama sita) I would love to give some amaszng excuse, like, oh well I just discovered the cure to cancer and it was a little time consuming... But sadly that is not the case, the truth is that I have just been a major slagger and haven't found time to take pictures and come up with interesting ideas for posts and as I have started a new school(kind of compares to sixth form, or the 3 last years of high school) I just haven't found the time... my life has literally only consisted of homework and trying to make new friends(a thing which is going surprisingly well). Damn girl, that top is fiiiiine. And I must agree look at him he is as good as it gets. I saw 
cry-baby yesterday with some of my friends and have had dreams about that crazy hot boy ever since. Other then that I'm wearing a flannel shirt and pair of vans in a color that match(cool huh? jk a bit mutch maybe) I swear everybody is so laid back at my new school, comfort is a keyword. And I'm loving it. well, more posts to come hopefully.


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